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Psychotherapy + Counseling

Psychotherapy (or counseling) is the process of meeting with a licensed therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, or relationship issues. Psychotherapy can treat specific, diagnosable mental health conditions, in addition to everyday concerns, such as relationship problems, stress management, career ambitions, or other issues that may affect one’s mental well-being.

Personal + Professional Coaching

Coaching is a thought-provoking, interactive, and creative process that is all about YOU and what you wish to achieve in your life. Through active listening and powerful questions, Wellspace coaches will help you identify and work towards your personal and professional goals with greater clarity, focus, and momentum.

Health | Wellness + Nutrition Coaching

Health, Wellness + Nutrition Coaching deals with issues related to your body, overall health, and general well-being. Sessions may address fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight, digestion or other health-related issues, while the main focus is making long-lasting lifestyle changes, not providing a quick fix.

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